The Shawinigan Electrochemical Plant

The transformation that takes place at the Shawinigan plant uses a unique, patented membrane electrolysis process, making it the most eco-friendly approach in the world.

"By-products will be reused in the process as a source of energy, thereby reducing the use of chemicals by 75% to 80%."

Strategic infrastructure

Nemaska Lithium has chosen industrial buildings and property from a former pulp-and-paper mill to house its electrochemical facilities: the Phase 1 plant, where the process is developed and tested, and the commercial production facility currently under construction.

1 Bloc Infrastructures

The Shawinigan advantage

In addition to being served by rail, natural gas and hydroelectric power networks, as well as its proximity to a major seaport, Nemaska Lithium can count on a large pool of local qualified workers.

2 Avantage Shawinigan

Onwards to the commercial phase

Once it is commissioned in the second half of 2020, this state-of-the-art electrochemical plant will produce high-purity lithium hydroxide using the greenest process on the planet. More than a hundred people will make up the Shawinigan team.

3 Phase Commerciale